Tesco Underwriting engage with Intelligencia Training to develop key personnel

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February 14, 2019
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Tesco Underwriting engage with Intelligencia Training to develop key personnel

Tesco Underwriting (who underwrite car and home insurance policies for Tesco Bank) have recently commissioned specialist training provider Intelligencia Training to deliver a cutting edge intelligence apprenticeship to develop intelligence and analytical skills within the organisation.

Intelligencia Training have built upon their success engaging within public sector, Government agencies, banking and insurance sectors offering high-level intelligence training, qualifications and apprenticeships delivering significant new skills to those working across a range of departments and job functions. The innovative apprenticeship programme represents the UK’s highest level of vocational training available for intelligence and analytical personnel offering parity in skills with those working at the highest levels of military intelligence.

Tesco Underwriting recognise the importance of intelligence-led decision-making processes and the value that highly skilled colleagues add to their business. Ian Stockley, Learning & Development Officer – Tesco Underwriting, commented:

“We identified a range of departments and job functions from counter-fraud, financial crime, underwriting, intelligence, risk and resourcing that would benefit from this specialist programme. The ability to have colleagues from a range of departments participate in the same programme standardising and formalising the way in which we use intelligence is a huge advantage for us.”

Intelligencia Training’s Commercial Director, Nick Atkinson commented:

“We are proud and to have been engaged by another high profile organisation that have identified how access to the latest intelligence and analytical skills will add value. We have gathered significant experience and case studies across the banking and insurance sector delivering tangible results. We are confident that group will benefit significantly and implement their new knowledge within their own specialist departments.”

You can read more about Intelligencia Training and their specialist programmes at www.intelligenciatraining.com