Intelligencia Training are a specialist apprenticeship provider operating within the public and private sectors. Engaging with an ever-growing number of high profile Government agencies, public sector departments and local authorities, Police forces, the banking and insurance sectors, large retailers, utilities providers and the gaming / gambling industry.

With the UK Government intention to deliver increasing volumes of apprenticeships as a viable alternative to University education, we believe it is essential to offer a range of dynamic apprenticeships that will challenge bright young minds, more so in the Intelligence, Security and financial sectors. Equally, modern apprenticeships provide opportunities for role-relevant upskilling, increasing existing workforce capability and mobility, without necessarily requiring new recruitment. Apprenticeships offer an opportunity for application of new knowledge and skills within a role-specific setting, whilst developing relevant behaviours and associated soft skills that may not usually be developed to the same level within traditional commercial programmes.

Traditional “white collar” apprenticeships often fail to offer the same level of skills development as more manual, traditional apprenticeships. We believe the newly developed Intelligence Analyst, Counter – Fraud Investigator and Risk / Compliance Manager Standards address this issue and help develop recognition for the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are so critical to being a competent Intelligence, Counter-Fraud or Risk professional.

Why Choose Intelligencia Training for Levy Funded Apprenticeships?

Our specialist delivery team have been involved in intelligence apprenticeships since their inception in 2013, we were chosen as the key education sector partner to provide support and guidance to the employer group that developed the Intelligence Analysis standard. We have gained significant experience and sector specific engagement delivering within counter-departments and job function. Intelligencia Training have over 200 years of Intelligence and Risk experience that can be used to train, coach and develop confidence in applying knowledge, skills and behaviours that are relevant to whichever sector our apprentices are seeking to add value.

  • Intelligencia Training work closely with learners and employers to develop the most appropriate individual pathway,
  • Pre programme scoping meetings with employer and apprentice working groups to ensure relevant and appropriate training pathways.
  • Skills based exercises, analytical techniques and risk management models are specifically tailored to each sector and role that we work with.
  • Hundreds of sector specific exercises to ensure maximum participation and practical involvement within our learning sessions.
  • Live actors to increase communication, influence and risk management training within a safe and realistic environment.
  • Excellent e-learning systems to ensure full visibility of progression and funding compliance to apprentices, employers and regulatory bodies.
  • All staff are officially qualified in Safeguarding, PREVENT and Mental Health First Aid.

Apprenticeships that we deliver:

  • Level 4 Intelligence Analyst Apprenticeship Standard

  • Level 4 Counter-Fraud Investigator Apprenticeship Standard

  • Level 3 Risk / Compliance Officer Apprenticeship Standard

“I would recommend the Intelligence Apprenticeship to any intelligence analyst, regardless of their specific role or their level of experience. Despite having worked in this field for a number of years, the analytical techniques training helped me to understand the theory behind my analysis, and identified new techniques that I am now able to implement.”

Deputy Department Head, National Crime Agency.

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