Intelligencia Training deliver Cyber-Stars initiative in Sunderland

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February 13, 2019
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Intelligencia Training deliver Cyber-Stars initiative in Sunderland

University of Sunderland graduates, undergraduates and academic staff have successfully engaged in ‘Cyber-Stars’, a cyber-security awareness programme delivered by Intelligencia Training. Those participating are working towards high-level Masters degree programmes in Cyber Forensics, as well as being involved in the curriculum’s delivery.

Professor Alastair Irons, Academic Dean for the Faculty of Technology, commissioned the Cyber-Stars programme as an additional element towards the Masters degree programme.

Intelligencia Training delivers the Cyber-Stars initiative, which has been designed and developed by cyber security experts. The one day course gives participants an improved understanding of cyber-security from a user’s perspective. It is the only programme of its kind backed by a nationally recognised qualification and offering access to ongoing learning materials via the Cyber-Stars e-learning platform. The programme creates cyber-champions that then police cyber-security awareness and practices within their own departments.

On completion of the course, the intention is that those taking part will become cyber-champions within their current or future workplace. There is already considerable focus on cyber–security and there are high-level education tools available, however, with over 90 per cent of cyber-attacks being directly linked to human error it’s important that staff in all levels within a business are aware of the risks. This is the ethos of the Cyber-Stars initiative: to change the existing “it won’t happen to us” culture within business.

Professor Alistair Irons commented: “Education is the answer if we are to create a cyber secure UK and address the cyber skills gap. It was good to work with Intelligencia Training and for our students and graduates to gain insight into their Cyber-Stars model.”

Intelligencia Training’s Commercial Director, Nick Atkinson, added: “The opportunity to engage with the University of Sunderland, and specifically at this high level, was a fantastic opportunity for us. Those participating in the session were not the typical delegates that we usually engage with. However, it gave those involved the background knowledge and insight into why cyber-security awareness is vital within organisations and the necessity to remove the barriers and misconceptions that it is the role of IT departments and infrastructure. We are confident that the group found the session a benefit and will, in turn, have a greater perception of cyber security risks from the bottom up.”

The Cyber-Stars initiative is now being delivered in over 25 countries within many high profile organisations, including tier 1 banks and insurers, considering it a sustainable method of tackling the growing cyber-crime issue. Its hard-hitting and engaging delivery model ensures that staff at all levels within a business become aware of the current risks from a business and personal perspective.

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