About Us

Who are we?

Intelligencia Training is the leading specialist apprenticeship provider in the UK for Intelligence Analyst, Counter Fraud Investigator, Data, Risk and Security professionals.

We work with businesses throughout the UK and across many different industry sectors, delivering impactful training and skills strategies; these help you to meet core organisational objectives, such as improving knowledge, skills and behaviours that are so critical to performance and productivity.

Who do we work with?

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Why do our clients choose us?

High learner achievement

We are proud to hold a 89% learner success rate against a national average of 65%.

Following the launch of the new Intelligence Analyst Apprenticeship Standard, our clients reported an average increase of 250% in analytical knowledge and critical thinking.

Ofsted ‘Good’ provider

In June 2021, we were judged by Ofsted to be a ‘Good Grade’ training provider.

Ofsted reported:

‘Apprentices produce highly relevant and impactful workplace projects. These projects develop their professional skills and behaviours appropriately while benefitting their employers’.

People are at the centre of everything we do; that goes for our own staff as well as those we serve. We take pride in helping people to become the best that they can be.