Councils turn to Intelligencia Training in the battle against fraud

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June 30, 2017
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Councils turn to Intelligencia Training in the battle against fraud

Intelligence analysis specialists Intelligencia Training have linked up with a number of councils to train key staff in the detection of fraud and other criminal activity.

The company will deliver the Higher Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations to selected staff from Hertfordshire County Council and several other councils in Eastern England and the area north of London. The staff include Trading Standards officers, counter fraud personnel and intelligence analysts.

The Higher Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations is a level 4 framework which allows candidates to study a programme that is specific to their role. Delegates will receive specialist training to develop skills and techniques that previously were only available within military intelligence settings.

Run over 12 months and funded through the Apprenticeship Levy, the Higher Apprenticeship represents the highest level of nationally accredited vocational training available to those in roles gathering and collecting data from a range of sources, both human and electronic.

The link-up came after Intelligencia Training was selected earlier this year to develop the skills of intelligence personnel working with Financial Fraud Action (UK), which is responsible for leading the UK’s collective fight against fraud in areas including banking, credit cards and card payments.

Intelligencia Training work with many public and private sector organisations to develop key intelligence and analytical personnel and Nick Atkinson, Commercial Director, said: “Fraud can be a major problem for organisations like councils so anything that trains key staff to identify it is invaluable. The ability for counter fraud personnel to work in conjunction with other departments including Trading Standards is hugely beneficial.

“The work with Hertfordshire County Council and the other councils will offer key staff access to tools which will allow them to detect fraud at an early stage.”

Hertfordshire County Council is among the contributors to the Apprenticeship Levy with two of its Intelligence Officers working in Trading Standards as well as a member of staff from its counter fraud team among those being trained.

Andrew Butler, the council’s Head of Protection (Business), said: “It is more important than ever before that we make the best possible use of the intelligence that we have to ensure we are directing our resources in the right areas.

“The course will help our people detect fraud and assist trading standards teams in taking forward prosecutions in what are often complex cases.”

Intelligencia Training is working to improve the effective use of intelligence analysis within many large organisations, including financial institutions and local authorities. You can find out more about Intelligencia Training and its products at