Intelligencia Training Launches New Data and Security Apprenticeships

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January 19, 2021
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Intelligencia Training Launches New Data and Security Apprenticeships

Three apprenticeship programmes added to Intelligencia Training’s portfolio, will provide new training opportunities within Data Analyst, Data Technician and Security Management provisions. 

Intelligencia Training has announced the addition of the Level 4 Data Analyst Apprenticeship Standard, Level 3 Data Technician Apprenticeship Standard and Level 3 Security First-Line Manager Apprenticeship. 

The specialist apprenticeship provider, who has been involved in intelligence apprenticeships since their inception in 2016, recognised the opportunity and increasing need for role-relevant training within these specialised provisions following continued successful engagement with high-profile organisations throughout the public and private sectors. 

Nick Atkinson, Commercial Director of Intelligencia Training, commented: “The launch of these new apprenticeships to our portfolio will help to develop recognition for the knowledge, skills and behaviours that are so critical to being a competent Data Analyst, Data Technician or Security Management professional. 

We are always keen to offer new programmes which benefit those working in specialist roles and with our experience, including being chosen as the key education sector partner to provide support and guidance to the employer group that developed the leading Intelligence Analysis Standard, we are best placed to deliver the three new apprenticeships.” 

The Data Analyst Apprenticeship Standard, the highest-level qualification of the new apprenticeships, was added to Intelligencia Training’s portfolio after they recognised the significant differences between intelligence and data analysis, as well as the departments and roles that utilise these skills and techniques.  

Additional to the Data Analyst Apprenticeship Standard, Intelligencia Training’s second new data apprenticeship will benefit Data Technician’s, who have a vital role within an organisation sourcing, formatting and presenting data for analysis. 

The third of the apprenticeship providers latest programmes, the Security First-Line Manager Apprenticeship, was launched after Intelligencia’s delivery team, who hold extensive military, policing, retail and security sector experience, identified numerous opportunities in which specialist security and security management skills can be improved.  

The Security First-Line Manager Apprenticeship will enhance the understanding of threat, vulnerability and risk on a local, national and international security basis, and how to respond accordingly. 

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