Intelligencia Training increases cyber security awareness at Leicester City Council

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February 23, 2018
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April 10, 2018
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Intelligencia Training increases cyber security awareness at Leicester City Council

Cyber security and intelligence training specialists Intelligencia Training have carried out a successful training programme for investigators at Leicester City Council to help them tackle cybercrime and fraud. Intelligencia Training, who deliver the Cyber Stars initiative to help organisations large and small prevent security breaches, delivered the course for staff at Leicester.

The Cyber Stars initiative, which has been designed and developed by cyber security experts, is an on-site one day course which gives people an improved understanding of cyber security. It is the only programme of its kind backed by a nationally-recognised qualification and access to ongoing learning materials via the Cyber Stars e-learning platform. Stuart Limb, Corporate Investigations Manager  at the Council, said; “One of the latest  emerging fraud risks that councils face is the threat of cybercrime, which is why I felt my investigation officers needed to get a better understanding of what cybercrime is and how it manifests itself.  Organisations may look towards the ICT Department to protect organisations against cybercrime but it’s everyone’s responsibility and while ICT are centre stage in maintaining cybersecurity, I want officers from the Corporate Investigations team to support them by maintaining awareness and disseminating good practice.” This course has given them the skills to achieve this goal. “The course gave us a greater understanding of best practice in cyber security. It discussed the different types of cybercrime threats, from remote attacks like malware or hacking to more intrusive threats like social engineering.“

The initiative provides the Council with the assurance that officers have attained a good level of competency in cyber security. This is the sort of course that will be beneficial long after the classroom session. “Cybercrime is constantly evolving and, through the initiative and post-course support provided, we will continue to be kept up to date with details of new threats, emerging risks and the latest developments.”

Intelligencia Training is working to improve cyber security at many organisations including financial institutions and local authorities. Nick Atkinson, Commercial Director, said: “We believe that cyber security is the responsibility of every person working at any level of an organisation and Cyber Stars provides vital information to help them guard against online criminals. With over 90% of cyber-attacks being directly linked to user error or lack of awareness organisations the Cyber Stars offers a cost effective solution to an ever growing risk”.

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