Intelligencia Training Engage With GVC Group

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April 14, 2020
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Intelligencia Training Engage With GVC Group

Specialist intelligence, counter-fraud and risk management apprenticeship training provider Intelligencia Training, have been commissioned by GVC Group to deliver intelligence training to delegates within a number of departments within their business. GVC Group operates in the betting and gaming sector. In the UK, their brands include Ladbrokes, Coral and Gala Bingo.

The innovative intelligence analyst apprenticeship standard was developed in conjunction with a consortium of high profile public and private sector organisations to deliver formalised and standardised working practices relating to the way in which organisations gather, utilise and make decisions based upon intelligence and data. Delivering parity in skills with other sectors and organisations that Intelligencia Training engage with including Government agencies, Police forces, local authorities, the banking and insurance sectors, utilities providers as well as other gaming and gambling businesses the programme is utilised to within departments including intelligence, counter-fraud, risk, security, loss prevention, anti-money laundering and many others reliant upon intelligence and data. The programme will deliver a number of structured analytical techniques that allow analysts to become more effective, efficient and empowered within their various specialised roles.

Working closely with GVC Group’s Apprenticeship Leads, Omari Harry, Stephanie Emmanuelle and a wide range of departmental managers a cohort of delegates was identified who work across various multiple facets within the business. These ranged from anti-money laundering, responsible betting, security investigators and other analysts who will all be given the opportunity to work closely together during this apprenticeship learning programme. Intelligencia Training’s mixed cohort approach has been delivering strong results within many sectors promoting inter-organisation, interdepartmental and inter-role sharing of intelligence and analytical processes.

Intelligencia Training’s Commercial Director, Nick Atkinson, commented “The opportunity to work with another high profile organisation such as GVC Group is obviously fantastic for us. We have been working with other organisations within this sector as well as those that regulate the industry therefore the ability to share best practice should deliver strong results. From the onset, the support shown from senior management and line managers has been outstanding, they clearly understand the benefits that the intelligence analyst apprenticeship programme can deliver as well as the commitment and support required. It has been a pleasure working with Ladbrokes for a number of months to get us to the point where we have now commenced their learning journey”

GVC Group’s Apprenticeship Lead, Omari Harry, commented “I am excited to be engaged with Intelligencia and Nick Atkinson on what should prove to be an exemplary opportunity to invest in our people. Furthermore, to invest using our apprenticeship levy with ‘meaning and with long lasting effect’ which is an ongoing theme in our wider Talent and Development Department.

Looking at the experience and impressive client list Intelligencia holds; moreover, the attitudes of Nick and his team toward excellence in delivery and ‘the detail’ I am filled with confidence that we will see positive change from this. As a company, being able at a minimum, to contribute to an example of great practice in developing people within our sector is always a win for GVC”

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