Intelligencia Training announce the introduction of the new Intelligence Analyst Standard

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November 12, 2018
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Intelligencia Training announce the introduction of the new Intelligence Analyst Standard

Specialist intelligence and cyber security training provider Intelligencia Training are now able to announce the formal approval by the Institute for Apprenticeships the new Level 4 Intelligence Analyst Apprenticeship Standard. The Trailblazer Group of employers that developed this innovative new Standard included a number of high profile public and private sector organisations including Government agencies, banking and insurance sector organisations, local authorities, utilities providers and large retailers.

The new Standard details the range of skills, knowledge and behaviours required for individuals operating in this sector, to enable them to be far more effective in their analytical and reporting functions. This will enable individuals to be far more effective in their own organisations and enable them to better succeed in their chosen profession and open avenues for career advancement.

Intelligencia Training have very successfully been working with many high profile public and private sector organisations in delivering the Level 4 Apprenticeship framework in Intelligence Operations. Intelligencia Training has received excellent feedback from both individuals and the organisations on the immediate and positive impacts the newly acquired skills and knowledge is having. This provides the ability to benchmark and standardise the way in which intelligence-led decision-making processes are utilised.

The new Intelligence Analyst Standard builds on the existing Level 4 and enables a ‘pick and mix’ opportunity for employers to add into the apprenticeship programme other skills, knowledge and behaviours to make the Standard truly meet their own needs to enhance the capabilities and efficiencies of their people in these vitally important intelligence driven roles.

Intelligencia Training’s Commercial Director, Nick Atkinson, commented “The advent of this new Standard is a really exciting opportunity for us to work with existing and new employers to provide them with a skills and knowledge programme that will truly meet their needs. Until recently there has been very limited specialist training for people in intelligence and analytical roles and we expect this new Intelligence Analyst Standard to take training in this key sector to the next level. We are already working with our existing clients to develop a Standard that is tailored to their precise needs.”

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