Cyber security expert to be guest speaker at conference

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May 4, 2017
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June 30, 2017
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Cyber security expert to be guest speaker at conference

Cyber security expert Nick Atkinson will address a prestigious conference about the role that human frailty plays in security breaches.

Nick, Commercial Director at Intelligencia Training, will be one of the guest speakers at the Cyber Security UK Roadshow being staged at Middlesbrough Football Club’s Riverside Stadium on Tuesday May 9.

Entitled Humans and Technology, Collaborate or Collide, the event will look at how businesses historically have put an emphasis on technology to solve cyber security issues when they should also be concerned with the policies and processes that staff and contractors adopt which might leave them vulnerable to attack.

The event, which brings law enforcement and industry specialist together, will examine how technology and humans can collaborate effectively to tackle security threats.

Nick, who has been working in the learning and development sector for more than ten years, said: “Human error plays a part in up to 93% of recorded cyber breaches. Whilst many company boards understand cyber risk, staff education often lacks in many areas.

“At the conference, I will discuss how to effectively profile the risk posed by people in terms of cyber threat and how to change the culture of cyber security awareness.”

Intelligencia Training was developed to tackle the lack of specialist training available for those working in intelligence and analytical roles and its team uses techniques developed within military intelligence operations.

Working with organisations ranging from utilities providers, local authorities, banks, corporate businesses and insurance providers to those operating in the custodial and judicial sectors, Intelligencia Training runs a range of cyber security awareness programmes backed by nationally accredited qualifications

Intelligencia Training also deliver the CYBER STARS initiative which has been developed by cyber security experts to consist of an on-site course giving an organisation a better understanding of cyber security enabling them to operate safely online. It is the only programme of its kind backed by a nationally-recognised qualification.

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