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April 23, 2018
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July 2, 2018
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For any business in the banking or insurance sectors, finding the right intelligence and analytical training and making effective use of that training is critical to their success.

Intelligence data, analysed and used effectively, can greatly enhance a business’s strategic decision making, so it’s no surprise that nationally recognised qualifications, including The Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations, are increasingly sought after by banks and insurance companies.

Based on the National Occupational Standards for intelligence analysis, and developed by military intelligence personnel, this diploma was specifically created to improve the intelligence and analytical skills of key employees across a range of departments.

Anyone working in a role reliant upon intelligence-led decision-making processes will find their skills greatly enhanced by this programme, in the realms of banking and insurance, however, the roles and departments to benefit from this exacting training include:

  • Counter Fraud
  • Financial Crime
  • Intelligence Analysts
  • Market & pricing analysts
  • Customer insight teams
  • Audit
  • Risk
  • Compliance
Funding intelligence and analytical training   

In these straitened times, it’s no surprise that businesses are concerned about the investment staff training necessitates, however, a cost-effective means to fund nationally recognised qualifications and training, is to deliver them within the apprenticeship framework.

The good news is that industry-leading qualifications including The Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations, can now be provided as part of an apprenticeship, so your team could benefit from training that is the best in its field.

Businesses already paying the apprenticeship levy are typically able to fund the training at no extra cost, whilst smaller businesses that don’t pay the Levy, often receive help with the majority of the fee, meaning apprenticeships provide a route to funding the finest training, affordably.

Via an apprenticeship, your business can access intelligence and analytical training, that is on a par with that delivered to personnel working in the highest echelons of intelligence within the UK. Why would you choose anything less?

Let your business benefit from vocational training that is leading the field, contact us today.