Intelligence Analysis Qualifications

Having access to high quality operational intelligence enables organisations to make tactical and strategic management decisions so they can adapt quickly to a changing environment or scenario.

Intelligencia understands the critical importance of effective intelligence analysis for a wide range of organisations and recognises that there is a growing and significant need for training in current analysis tools and techniques.

The qualifications are based on the National Occupational Standards for intelligence analysis and were developed in partnership with the Skills for Justice Sector Skills Council for intelligence analysis in the military. The qualifications are now available to anyone working within a data analysis role.

For many organisations the benchmarking of existing knowledge and competency against national standards will be important. For individuals it is the opportunity to achieve nationally accredited qualifications that offer parity with analysts working at the highest levels of military intelligence operations.

  • Engaging functions across organisation departments to turn information into intelligence to deliver far more accurate and strategic decision making
  • Given the current lack of specific training available for staff in analytical roles, our programmes are aimed at increasing awareness, confidence and capabilities to ensure that your organisation remains consistently competitive in an ever changing business environment

What are the benefits of improved operational intelligence?

  • Make better decisions – having accurate intelligence to base management decisions on will enable you to make informed decisions in a more timely manner
  • Improve efficiency – having business intelligence you can share across different departments in your organisation will reduce any duplication of roles and duties, save time and improve productivity
  • Improved visibility and control – having full visibility of your organisation’s processes will enable you to quickly identify any areas needing improvement
  • Turn data into actionable information – having access to business intelligence will allow you to make successful strategic plans for your organisation as you will have access to key trends and patterns in your data so you can focus on areas of growth
  • Get insights into consumer behaviour – understanding what your customers are buying will enable you to develop your products to match current trends and attract more customers
  • Align your organisation to its business objectives – having accurate data will allow you to align all parts of your organisation towards common business objectives 
  • Save money – making better decisions will ultimately contribute to a more profitable bottom line

Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations

The cutting edge L4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations now represents the highest level of vocational training available for those working in this sector. Individuals will receive the most comprehensive training in analytical techniques. This will enable them to influence high-level decision making through intelligence analysis. In today’s business environment the ability to improve decision making and make more effective use of data can provide the competitive edge required.

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Apprenticeship Funding

It is also possible to achieve these significant and rewarding new skills as part of a levy-funded higher apprenticeship.

The New Intelligence Analyst Standard has been developed by a consortium of public and private sector organisations with expert input from across the intelligence community.

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Intelligencia Training have been delivering high-level intelligence training for a number of years via the Level 4 Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations (framework) This delivery method has added considerable value within many high profile public and private sector organisations including Government agencies, local authorities, banking & insurance sectors as well as large retailers and utility providers.

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Northumbrian Water Group

“Northumbrian Water Group  are delighted to have been the first water utility company in the country to recognise the opportunity that this Intelligence Analysis training offers.

“Our business is already seeing significant advantages from the of cross departmental sharing of data and analysis and from the change in individuals approach to and understanding of their roles and the impact they can make, never mind that 19 of our senior managers have also achieved a very specialist Level 4 qualification. We are now looking at other staff and management who would benefit from this Level 4 programme.”
Tracey Greener, Training Contracts Manager

National Crime Agency

“I would recommend the Level 4 Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations to any intelligence analyst, regardless of their specific role or their level of experience.
Despite having worked in this field for a number of years, the analytical techniques training helped me to understand the theory behind my analysis, and identified new techniques that I am now able to implement.”
Deputy Department Head

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Northumbrian Water Testimonial