Security First Line Manager

Our extensive military, policing, retail and security sector experience has identified numerous opportunities in which specialist security and security management skills can be improved.

Our engaging delivery model will allow apprentices to become competent in supervising people and activities in line with regulatory requirements; undertaking security risk assessments; providing security advice to others; understanding threat, vulnerability and risk; security methods, operations and activities; incident management and planning; stakeholder management; business communications and data security management within role(s) such as Ministry of Defence, Transport & Border Security and Private Security Industry.

Understanding the threat, vulnerability & risk on a local, national and international security basis, and how to respond accordingly, would offer candidates a significant advantage over others with general managerial skills.

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Modules Available

Module 1 – Relevant Legislation, guidance, governing bodies 

Provides full oversight and evaluation of legislation and best practices associated with safe and effective security supervision.

Module 2/3 – Risk Management within the Security Environment

Risk management principles and models, risk management techniques, health and safety risk, security risk

Module 4/5 – Scenario generation techniques 

Practical application of analytical techniques used by intelligence services to identify, mitigate and respond to risk. Risk forecasting. SWOT, Cone of Plausibility, Backcasting, Analysis of Competing Hypothesis.

Module 6 – Effective Decision Making

A range of decision making models, decision making cycle, Effective recording and decision making audit trails

Module 7 – Managing in a security focused environment

Evaluation of core leadership and management styles and their relevance within your security environment. Identification of situational leadership and appropriate application.

Module 8 – Personnel management and professional development

Learning how to manage and develop your staff to increase team effectiveness and collaboration.

Module 9 – Effective Communication

Learning how to promote effective verbal and non-verbal communications within teams. Understanding behavioural traits, maximising influence and maintaining professional relationships.

Module 10 – Cyber Security and Communication security

Understanding the evolution of cyber threats, threat actors and mitigations. Focus on security equipment and infrastructure vulnerabilities and best practices.

Module 11 – Operational Team Leading Day

Off site Team Leading Day with focus on development of core skills within a non-familiar environment

Module 12 – Mental Health awareness

Overview of how to identify and support mental health and wellbeing of those within duty of care to improve personal and team effectiveness

Module 13 – Mock End Point Assessment

Preparation for End of Course End Point Assessment examination

Module 14 – Portfolio Review

Between teaching sessions apprentices are provided  with a range of knowledge and skills development based tasks to ensure competence and progression to End Point Assessment gateway. Intelligencia Training fully maps and record Off The Job requirements. All apprentices have access to our elearning platform for the duration of programme, providing constant communication with the training and assessment team and access to their live Individual Learning