Level 2 Award in Cyber Security Awareness for Business

The threat of cyber-crime to UK business users continues to rise each year.

Changes in European legislation – and the need for effective compliance with UK Data Protection regulations – means that effective cyber security policies have never been so critical to business continuity.

The Level 2 Award in Cyber Security Awareness for Business is a new qualification, which has been developed to provide individuals with the knowledge and skill set required to operate safely online, as well as ensuring the organisation-wide implementation of an effective cyber security strategy.

The programme includes a comprehensive range of practical examples and scenarios to allow learners to engage with real life cyber incidents. It is designed to build confidence and facilitate the effective implementation of cyber safety policies throughout all levels of a business.

The training is structured to meet specific individual or organisational needs and includes classroom knowledge-based teaching, supported by a range of online resources and Assessor support.

Cyber Stars Initative

Those undertaking the programme can join the ‘Cyber Stars’ initiative. Candidates will become an officially qualified Cyber Security representative.

They will be tasked with creating an internally sustainable cyber security awareness programme to ensure the effective implementation of cyber security awareness and policy implementation within their area of responsibility at work.

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The Model

  • Training is delivered by a range of former Government and HM Armed Forces Cyber Security specialists

  • Training is conducted at a one day workshop ending with an online assessment for the qualification

  • On completion of the qualification, learners are granted access to the Cyber Stars portal, which provides up-to-date guidance on specific business cyber threats. This allows Cyber Stars to act as cyber security representatives so they can inform other team members of potential threats

  • The qualification is split into two units:

  • Unit 1: focuses on technical knowledge relating to business cyber threats

  • Unit 2: focuses on the effective implementation of a cyber security policy. Learning will focus on practical examples and relevant case studies to support knowledge based training. It is designed to give candidates the confidence to implement their knowledge within their workplace

What will the Course Provide?

  • Clarity of your legal obligations for implementing an effective
    cyber security strategy

  • An organisation-wide understanding of cyber security principles and
    current threats to enable your business to operate safely online

  • An effective cyber security strategy to implement within your organisation

  • The opportunity to upskill your staff through the Cyber Stars initiative

  • The confidence to implement organisation-wide, effective cyber security processes

  • Clarity of the risks of home and mobile working and applying
    effective security protocols

  • The confidence to implement effective incident response and disaster
    recovery plans to ensure compliance with UK legislation

  • A UK recognised, OFQUAL regulated qualification, which proves
    knowledge and competence

Supporting Documentation

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Who is the Qualification Suitable for?

  • Any size of business with a reliance on IT systems  

  • Those working towards an Apprenticeship in a range of operational and analytical roles, such as Intelligence Analysts, Data Analysts and Fraud Analysts

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the principles of cyber security
  • Identifying cyber risks specific to your workplace
  • Understanding how access management works
  • Understanding how end point security works
  • Identifying wi-fi zone security risks
  • Understanding different incident response procedures
  • Using social media networks safely
  • Understanding cyber security legislation
  • Implementing mobile and home working policies effectively

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Qualification Leaflet

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