Are you a data analyst?

Do you want to further develop your analytical skills, be more effective and have improved career options? Access to the latest skills and techniques in data / intelligence analysis can have a significant impact upon you and the department you may work in. Being able to make more informed decisions offers you and your organisation a competitive edge, perhaps you want to make a career step into a more senior role or develop the skills of your team? Intelligencia offer strong solutions and the highest levels of nationally accredited vocational training available.

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    Key Benefits

    Develops specific skills for a wide spectrum of roles within the public and private sectors where the gathering, classification, interpretation and dissemination of information is vitally important to deliver a competitive edge.

    Key Features

    The highest levels of nationally accredited, vocational training available that offers parity with analysts working at the highest levels of military intelligence operations developing a range of innovative skills and techniques proven to add huge benefits to both individuals and their departments.


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