About us

Intelligencia is an intelligence analysis training & cyber security specialists that operate within both the public and private sectors.

We are currently the only training provider delivering a range of programmes, specifically tailored for these communities. All of the courses we deliver have OFQUAL approved qualifications attached to them.

The courses we deliver include:

  • Level 2 Award in Cyber Security Awareness for Business
  • Level 4 Diploma in Intelligence Operations
  • Level 4 Higher Apprenticeship in Intelligence Operations
  • Level 4 Certificate in Cyber Security and Intrusion for Business
  • Level 2 Understanding Safeguarding & Prevent Strategies
  • Intelligencia are a specialist training provider delivering the UK’s highest levels of nationally accredited, vocational training available to those working in intelligence and analytical roles. Developed within military intelligence operations our programmes deliver a range of cutting edge and innovative skills and techniques
  • Intelligencia will be able to provide very experienced and highly qualified sector specialists to deliver the skills and knowledge content of the courses and qualifications and support every individual through their programme
  • Intelligencia currently engage with many high profile organisations from within the public and private sectors including banks, insurance providers, law enforcement, custodial, utilities providers and local authorities.
  • Intelligencia have identified that the majority of cyber-attacks are directly linked to user error and a lack of awareness. To combat this our specialist delivery team have developed the Cyber Stars initiative, backed by a nationally accredited qualification, as a sustainable solution for organisations wishing to increase staff cyber-awareness.
  • Changes in European legislation and effective compliance with UK Data Protection regulations mean that effective cyber security policies have never been so critical to business continuity. Intelligencia can supply the training required to ensure your business meets the necessary legislation and compliance
  • All of the courses that Intelligencia delivers have OFQUAL approved qualifications attached to them. Intelligencia will work closely with clients to develop training solutions that are tailored to meet any bespoke requirements


“I would recommend the Level 4 Higher Diploma in Intelligence Operations to any intelligence analyst, regardless of their specific role or their level of experience. Despite having worked in this field for a number of years, the analytical techniques training helped me to understand the theory behind my analysis, and identified new techniques that I am now able to implement.”

Deputy Department Head,
National Crime Agency.

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