Red Flag Alert partners with Inteltrain to boost business data analysis

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August 5, 2016
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August 15, 2016
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Red Flag Alert partners with Inteltrain to boost business data analysis

Intelligence analysis experts Inteltrain have announced a partnership with online business information bureau Red Flag Alert to use the cutting-edge Level 3 Diploma In Intelligence Analysis offered by Inteltrain.

Red Flag Alert (RFA) is a leading provider of real-time business intelligence data for companies; it appreciates the need to ensure that its employees are trained to the highest standards enabling them to fully support their customers. This endorses the quality of the Level 3 Diploma in Intelligence Analysis course, which delivers key skills and techniques not previously adopted within commercial business.

Inteltrain is a leading provider of specialist vocational qualifications for those working in the intelligence and cyber security sectors. They have identified a current lack of specialist training available for those working in roles such as fraud, data and client/business intelligence as well as other analytical roles. All the courses they deliver have nationally accredited qualifications attached to them and a number of Red Flag Alert staff are being trained via the recently developed Level 3 Intelligence Analysis programme.

Nick Atkinson, Commercial Manager at Inteltrain, said: “We are delighted to be working with Red Flag Alert. A number of their key personnel are going to be using our unique Intelligence Analysis programme to further develop their own skills and techniques in gathering, disseminating and using client and business intelligence, enabling them to have more informed discussions with clients, helping them get the maximum return from their investment in Red Flag Alert’s services.”

RFA will be offering this training to its own customers and Nick said: “Through the development of skills and techniques, RFA customers will be able to improve the quality of their decision-making to build on what is already an excellent online business information bureau.”

The programme was developed in conjunction with the highest levels of British Military Intelligence to combat the lack of specialist training for those working in roles that rely heavily upon gathering and interpreting client/business intelligence and data.

Red Flag Alert’s customers range from High Street banks through to small and medium sized businesses.

Gareth Dunn, Red Flag’s Marketing Manager, said: “We already provide a market leading source of Business to Business data and we are passionate about helping our customers benefit as much as possible not just from our service but also any other forms of data to which they have access.

“Working with Inteltrain means that we add value to what we offer. It allows us to provide both our internal teams and our customers with insight into how they can best utilise the information they are handling.”

You can find out more about the range of cutting-edge programmes offered by Inteltrain at

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