Cyber security is for life, not just Cyber Awareness Month

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September 7, 2018
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Cyber security is for life, not just Cyber Awareness Month

Cyber Awareness Month is underway and many organisations are taking charge of their cyber security culture. However, despite increased media coverage, a lot of top executives/board members still believe that they are not a target. But ask anyone involved in fighting cybercrime they will assure you that each and every one of us is a target – no organisation is immune.

The reality of the matter is that during Cyber Awareness Month many companies simply jump on the bandwagon, invest their time in the wrong areas and forget about it when the month is over, making the entire exercise pointless.

The Cyber Stars Initiative is a sustainable solution to cyber security awareness and is the only awareness programme with an official UK government-regulated qualification attached. Traditional training programmes often lead to a skill fade from the second an individual completes that course and in an environment where cyber threats are constantly evolving, this often means that training is quickly outdated.

Because employees are the primary target of cybercrime due to threats from social engineering and spear phishing, cyber awareness training is essential. Although investing in infrastructure is important, only 10% of successful breaches are a result of this inadequacy.

It is estimated that the average cyber-attack costs a small business around £20,000 and a large business in excess of £1 million. A recent example of the impact a cyber-attack can have is the £16.4 million fine given to Tesco Bank by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), following a breach in 2016 which saw 9,000 customers lose £2.26 million in fraudulent transactions. If the cost isn’t enough to frighten you, a cyber-attack also massively affects customer confidence in your company and they are likely to take their business elsewhere – resulting in even further loses.

Organisations in both the public and private sector are currently utilising The Cyber Stars Initiative to raise cyber awareness across departments. One recent case study is our work with Leicester City Council.

Stuart Limb, Corporate Investigations Manager, said: “One of the latest emerging fraud risks that councils face is the threat of cybercrime, which is why I felt my investigation officers needed to get a better understanding of what cybercrime is and how it manifests itself.

“The course gave us a greater understanding of best practice in cyber security. It discussed the different types of cybercrime threats, from remote attacks like malware or hacking to more intrusive threats like social engineering.”

We have developed a culture in which responsibility for cyber security awareness and education has been limited to specific individuals within IT and network security positions. As a result, most companies have a significant lack of understanding and acceptance of responsibility throughout the wider workforce.

Change your organisation’s cyber security culture before it’s too late. You can find out more about The Cyber Stars Initiative at:

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